About MyPage5

MyPage5 is a social networking and microblogging website that enables users to connect with friends and family, blog, send and receive breaking news.  It is a versatile website where social networking meets business and culture.

Combining 3 popular applications, members can choose their level of immersion and interact with the world using their unique member profile.  The 3 areas of MyPage5 are as follows:

Social Networking:  Create your unique profile taking advantage of the unlimited space allocated to upload your photos and video clips, invite friends and join groups. Decide your level of exposure, with your profile able to be viewed by all or by your friends only.

Blog: Tell the world what’s on your mind; keep your friends up to date on your travel experiences; share valuable information; give your opinion on current events - the choice is yours.

Business: Showcase your business on MyPage5, make connections, hold your meetings, conduct surveys, source suppliers and customers.

We take privacy seriously on MyPage5 so everything you submit comes with a choice to make it accessible to all members or just to your friends.

MyPage5 is based in London, UK.

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